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LEAPS Program

More info about the start dates for LEAPs will be added shortly.

Anderson is excited to begin our afterschool program available to students in Bristol Tennessee City Schools through a federal LEAPs grant. LEAP is the acronym for Lottery for Education: Afterschool Programs.  LEAPS is designed for students in grades 3rd-6th. 

The program's philosophy is to strive to make our students achieve and succeed in education through activities linked with language arts, math, science, social studies, nutrition, physical education, and more. Students will also: 

-      Receive help with homework     -   Take field trips
-      Engage in hands-on activities    -   Work on projects
-      Improve their physical fitness    -   Improve social skills

Approximately thirty students will be participating in this program and selecion is based on needs and teacher recommendation. 

Location:  Meet in classroom after school

Time:      3:00-5:30 (Please be on time to pick up your child)

Pick-up:   Gym entrance Doors 

In case of an emergency and you need to contact us or your child during the afternoon, please call us at this number:

Attendance is vital to student success in the program.  It is critical that students who enroll attend on a daily basis.  


Field Trips: