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Class Dojo

Class Dojo Behavior Management and Messaging System  

Second Grade uses a Classroom Management System named “Class DoJo”.   (See

Students will be represented by an online avatar that they will create.  They may receive “Dojo Points” for following school-wide expectations, working hard, team work, and for making good choices.  

Classroom teachers will set a total number of points that students should receive each nine weeks.  If they meet the required points, they will be rewarded with a special field trip.  They will also earn special rewards as they meet point milestones throughout the 9-week period. 

Parents will receive a behavior report daily in students' homework folders. They will also have access to their account online.  Familes and teachers can also keep in contact through the DoJo messaging system.

Bristol Herald Courier article on Class Dojo  

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Announcement Image for Bristol Herald Courier article on Class Dojo