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Sunday, August 18, 2013
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Bristol Tennessee City Schools has dress standards in place in order to promote the culture of the school system as one of self-respect as well as the respect for others.  Students shall dress and groom in a clean, neat, and modest manner so as not to distract or interfere with the operation of the school.  Shirts and shoes are required at all school events.
School administrators have the obligation to determine when a student is attired in a manner which is likely to cause disruption or interference with the operation of the school and will take appropriate administrative action, which may include suspension.  The administrator has full discretion to determine what is inappropriate.
Teachers are to enforce the dress standards per the parameters below:
Students should come to school dressed in a suitable manner. Students should not wear any type of clothing displaying inappropriate wording, advertisements, and/or illustrations. Students should not wear shorts or pants in a "sagging" manner (worn below the normal waistline or hips, presenting the possibility of showing the student's undergarments). The school administration has the authority to decide if clothing is in poor taste. Parents will be called to the school to bring a change of clothing if clothing is inappropriate. If a parent cannot be reached, the school will issue a change of clothing.  Please plan to follow the dress code for all school sponsored events (field trips, school ceremonies, dances etc.).
·         Muscle shirts, tank tops, midriff shirts, halter tops, tube tops, and spaghetti strap tops are not appropriate.
·         Shorts must not be any shorter than the student's fingertips when the arm is fully extended.
·         Skirts and dresses must not be shorter than 2 1/2 inches (width of a dollar bill) above the top of the kneecap.
·         No head coverings are permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, hats, scarves, sweatbands, stockings, do-rags, etc.
·         No industrial chains, pet chains, collars around the neck, wrists, or waist, or chains attached to wallets.
·         Shoes must be worn at all times.
·         No unnatural hair coloring (for example, pink, orange, green, purple, etc.) or rings in nose, naval, tongues etc. are to be worn at school.
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