1st Grade

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 Welcome to 1st Grade!


Mrs. Boggs Mrs. Brown Mrs. McKee
boggsc@btcs.org brownl@btcs.org mckees@btcs.org





Right now we are working on making addition sentences and number bonds.  Look for math homework almost daily.


Read ~ Every night your child should read with you, or to you.  :)

Decodable Books~ Watch for at least one practice book to come home nightly, Mondays thru Thursdays.  Read and sign the sheet.  :)

Word Lines ~ This is a small (1/2 sheet) page of words to practice reading.  They come home nearly every night.



1.Be Respectful.

2. Be Responsible.

3. Be Safe. 


 Every First grade classroom has a behavior chart.  Your child goes up or down, depending on his or her behavior.  SOMEtimes he or she even will go "OFF THE CHART" for a super duper excellent day!!  Check your child's binder for more details!! 



Grading Scale


3: Consistently Meets Grade Level Expectations

2: Inconsistently Meets Grade Level Expectations

1: Working Below Grade Level Expectations


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