4th Grade

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Welcome to 4th Grade


Ms. Compton Mrs. Knapp
 comptonl@btcs.org     knappj@btcs.org   



    1  Read AR every night.

    2  Study math facts every night.

    1  Ask your child how school is going? What are their highs and lows each

        day?  The more you ask, the more they will tell.

    2  Check and sign Wednesday Folders each week.

    3  Sign the 'Communicator' each evening.



Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Safe


 1  Sign the Dojo Log book for behavior, no homework, or not having materials for class

  2  Bullying will NOT be tolerated.  Please inform us if your child feels like they are being


Grading Scale



Daily Schedule




* Read AR nightly.  Ask your child to see their AR Folder, which shows their range as well as the progress on tests they have taken. Must take at least 6 non-fiction books the third nine weeks. Read, read, read, then take the test.