5th Grade

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Language Arts News


 A few ELA tidbits :)

1. Each day your student will READ independently in the classroom for 20 minutes and get one on one time with me.

2. Your NIGHTLY homework is to read at home for an additional 20 minutes.

3. AR information is available through HomeConnect!

4.  We are improving!

TCAP Practice Test scores proved that we have a tough road ahead and A LOT to learn. I can use parent help! Please stress the importance of reading 20 min/night at home with his/her AR book. Set your child up for success. AR covers a multitude of skills that will only help your child in the long run.

Love, Mrs. Quickel


2nd Nine Weeks English-Language Arts Skills:

AT HOME! www.typingweb.com FREE!

  • Write informative and opinion essays.
  • Choosing the correct sentence conventions
  • Identify the appropriate use of a verb
  • Locate the correct and incorrect sentences in a paragraph
  • Identify the details that match a topic paragraph.
  • Rearrange sentences to form a sequential paragraph.
  • Identify figurative language in context- know its meaning
  • Use commas correctly and appropriately
  • Fix a run-on sentence correctly.

Additional Resources for Your Home Laptop Use:

  1. www.schoology.btcs.org
  2. www.mail.btcs.org
  3. arbookfind.com
  4. Voki.com
  5. Emaze.com
  6. Kahoot!
  7. Scholastic.com and book order code for my classroom is HD8VC


Test Dates

It is crucial that your child is in school for these testing dates.

 1. TN Ready Practice Test Sept 28-Oct 9

 2. STAR Testing Window:  Nov 20- Dec 18

 3. TN Ready Practice Test Jan 5-15

 4. TN Ready PART ONE Feb 15-19

 5. TN Readay Practice Test Feb 29-Mar 10

 6. STAR Testing Window: April 4- April 29

 7. TN Ready PART TWO May 3-13 (this includes make up dates)


Upcoming Events:

Start collecting DOJO points! . These points must accumulate to 100 points before we attend the surprise field trip at the end of EVERY quarter! These are points for amazing behavior at school each day.


Links for Language Arts:

  • www.scholastic.com/sn56  and sign in with code: Quickel5
  • www.powtoons.com
  • www.storyonline.net
  • www.kahoot.com
  • www.ted.com
  • www.storyboardthat.com 

Great Online (Fun)  Math Practice:


SumDog www.sumdog.com


BrainPop www.brainpop.com


CoolMath www.coolmath4kids.com




Grading Scale

93-100 -A
85-92 -B
75-84 -C
70-74 -D
69 and under -F





Fifth Grade Procedures

Planners - Students have created a "planner" on their computers.  Your  child should be entering thier assignments daily, even if it is "none." Check for notes from  the teacher and any upcoming events.  Feel free to ask questions or write notes of concern, too.  Also, remind your child that they are in fifth grade and this is THEIR responsiblity to keep up with their assignments and tests. 


Daily Schedule


 8:00-8:15 Check in and Breakfast

8:15-9:00 RAM Time

9:00-9:45 Special Area

9:50-11:15 Block 1

11:20-11:55 Block 2 

12:00-12:30  Lunch

12:30-1:15 Block 2

1:15-2:35 Block 3

2:40-3:05 Recess

3:10-3:30 Car/Walker/Bus Dismissal