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  Mission Statement  

Preparing students to become successful
and productive citizens in a safe,
nurturing, environment through
authentic learning experiences that
enable students to excel academically and

  About The School  

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Anderson Elementary School is located in northeast Tennessee in Sullivan County and is part of the Bristol Tennessee City Schools.  Anderson’s distinctiveness begins with its community. The school is located in the center of one of the oldest developed areas of Bristol, Tennessee. The Anderson School community was identified as a federally funded Weed and Seed Grant area of Bristol. This program was funded based on the demographics of the neighborhood, including the rate of unemployment, poverty status, crime, and aging population as compared to citywide numbers. The Weed and Seed Program is now operated under independent, local volunteers and private funds. It is no longer funded by the federal government.  Other community programs include the Boys’ and Girls’ Club, Girls Inc., the YMCA after-school programs, the YWCA after-school programs and the city’s Leisure Services sports programs. These programs have allowed for the sustainability of many of the Weed and Seed efforts.

Anderson’s historical information begins with the facility’s construction in 1954. More recently, a Fine Arts Wing was added in 2001. Another wing, adding classrooms and restrooms, was added in 2002 bringing Anderson up to a total of 26 classrooms. The pupil-teacher ratio at Anderson is 17.7 students per one classroom teacher. That number is comparable to the Basic Education Plan (BEP) guidelines with an emphasis on small student numbers in kindergarten and first grade. The students attend a school-year that is approximately 180 days, and the school day is a seven hour day, beginning at 8:00am and dismissing at 3:10pm.

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